Any and/ or all.

A gloomy, summer day; warm but gray. That lighting enters my mind in just the right way. It takes me into a rare void, one that excites and inspires me, I can tap into it. It feels like 5:00pm all day. I might be on my third cup of coffee by eleven, a notebook getting started, Huck Finn, underwear, wool socks and an unmade bed. I might take breaks to lay with my kids just to hear them breathe. Soak it all in.

Or early morning weekends and breakfast. Coffee and watching my kids play outside on the dewy morning grass and walks. Their imaginations taking them on adventures I can't see. But the sound is enough.

Or music, softly playing and low light, it's raining outside. The slow-motion rain. The kind with thick drops that come down slow. One glass of wine and a gentle touch. Loving eyes and a deep voice. A deep sleep.

Or gardening and slow-cooking. Enjoying a meal and a look. My kids, chewing the way they do, stuffing food in their cheeks. Taking a drink and letting the edge of the cup wet their cheeks around to their noses. Their swift tongues catching anything that tries to drip down their chins.

Or sitting on the floor, talking in slow waves. Playing a game. Bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish. How many pieces do you wish?
Silence laced through all of it.

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