My dear,

My dear,
You diminished my character and let me believe my goodness was bad, my concern was judgement, my kindness was weakness, my caring was free. You told me I was out of control, that I had no other options but to rely on another. 

You made me think I was crazy. You made me feel what you thought others couldn't feel. 

You've known me for years, yet you whisper to me that I'm running when in fact I'm not. I'm standing up for myself and demanding my freedom from doubt and fear. 
I'm demanding to be able to live in a way I desire, free from criticism and guilt. 

You try to convince me my choice to fall in love with the woman in the mirror is wrong, but let me be clear with you, I want to think about her. I am ready to love her. I am done being a stepping stone, an endless support, a blame, an excuse, a lover, a wife. 

I'm done covering for you when you're weak. I'm not afraid of you anymore. The woman in the mirror has my back. We are strong, even when we're broken. 

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