I've been up to A LOT

Hello there.
Coming to you live from a house with freshly shampooed carpets, three bathed children, mopped floors and a momma who looks like she just lived through a tornado ;)

Anyway, I've been up to a lot as you can imagine..or if you know, what three kids means...

I thought I was just getting into the swing of things PLANNING for March and now it's April.

Here's the run down of my year..for you to read but a little more for me to regroup and see what's been good around here.


Mark built this play kitchen for the girls. It fits right in their little playroom under the stairs. I painted it and the room in one powerhouse day. It turned out sweet and the girls love it :)

Just lovin Hannah's style development. While Ada's independence often scares me and makes me unsure of what road to take (let her do what she wants vs. take charge), Hannah is my second time around baby, so I feel like I enjoy seeing her grow a little more because I guess I know what to expect and how to handle it, when to step in and when to let her be..

Otto is growing SO quickly. He is by far our biggest baby (and sweetest!) I am IN LOVE with this little man. His charm has taken over the girls hearts too, he is the perfect "baby of the family" baby, we all love this guy.

The weather is getting warmer, well sunnier.. and dry, at least for a few days of the week, the girls are taking any chance to be outside and loving it!

I think I take pictures of him e v e r y d a y.

Ada is my BIG girl. She knows how to write and loves to write her name on everything. I love finding it on all my stuff :) 

I am not a non-sugar mom. I LOVE sweets, candy, chocolate, cakes, cookies..if it has sugar, I love it. I'm pretty good at practicing balance and moderation though so live and let live, right? I'm not hating on the moms out there who prefer to employ little toys or pencils, but I am not that mom. I'm a sugar eater, always was and probably always will be ;) 


                    Daylight savings threw Ada for a little loop this year. She is my only baby who seems to ever be affected by it. We started doing yoga at bedtime and that seemed to help mellow her out enough to fall asleep. I downloaded a few apps for the iPhone and iPad, this one is so great..

It's FREE and it's called My First Yoga. Perfect and gentle introduction for two active, excited and young kids. The other day, I walked in on Hannah, she had unrolled her mat and was practicing yoga all by herself! So proud. 

Kite flying. Need I say more, give this girl a kite or a string, or a stick, or a rock or pretty much ANYTHING to play with outside and it's all golden.

We went to the parade downtown for St. Patricks Day. Otto did not love it and the girls were interested for all of thirty minutes :( I wish people still threw candy at parades.

There are no "boy toys" around here..

With age comes more babies...for some ;) Lot's of Marks friends have little tots and lets just say I LOVE me a good birthday party, get together, play date. I am officially in kid mode..it only took three to make me cross that line.

Otto received a blessing at Mark's parents church. He is wearing Mark's blessing outfit, VERY sweet.

A little neighborhood easter egg hunt I threw together.

I'm pretty sure Otto loves his sisters but he thinks they're a little strange too.

No words...

We started some seeds for the garden this year. 
We are all ready for the outdoor life to come back. So ready.