Gifts for the making...and giving!

You could say I am addicted to a fan of Pinterest. 
But hey, if it inspires my creativity it can't be all bad, right?

Right. Here are a few of the ideas turned real...

These felt flower headbands took NO time to make. I combined a few of the tutorials and images floating around on Pinterest to make them, but this tutorial is simple enough to follow and add to.

This was an easy birthday gift for my sister. I want to make myself one too! I bought the clear case from the Apple Store for 34 dollars. I used scrap paper that I already had to make inserts and even printed a special birthday message on bright pink paper, put it in the case and the original packaging for a finished look. 

This is just one of the millions of quotes floating around on pinterest. I liked it, then used a word processing document to type it and align it. I used a spare frame and mat to finish it off. I paired it with a bottle of wine and a couple of wine glasses for a house warming gift.  

My shoes came from this image I came across on Pinterest. It's pretty self explanitory. It would make a fun gift for a teen or even a fun activity at a birthday party or gathering. I bought the shoes from Walmart for 6 dollars. I used a sharpie and gold acrylic paint. 

The diaper cake...been there, done that. I wanted to gift some diapers to a friend having a baby boy and this seemed like a fun way to do it. I used this simple to follow tutorial for the motorcycle. 

I used this tutorial to make the little bandana bibs for the motorcycle's fender and seat...and I made a couple extra for my sweet baby who should be here in just about a month.


Rapunzel Party.

Ada's fourth birthday bash.

Here's how I did it..
I used this Pascal template, printed on colored paper. They took a lot of time to cut and glue but they were worth it, because Ada loved them.

I used a roll of table vinyl cloth from the party store. I think I paid 12 dollars for 100ft. to make 
Rapunzel's hair. 

I hid little Pascal's throughout the house and in Rapunzel's hair!

I google image searched for this sign, enlarged it, printed it, glued it to cardboard, traced all of the lines with a sharpie to make the image a bit more sharp and then attached it to a stake and put it in the garden by my doorway.

I served cheese, crackers, meats, some fruit and veggies. I also made fried chicken at the birthday girls request!

I made a four layer cake and used this template to make the cake topper. I printed it on white card stock to make sure it wouldn't be flimsy. 

I dyed each layer's batter with more and more drops of coloring to create a gradient cake before it was baked.

I bought the pinata at the party store for 9 dollars and filled it with Pez dispensers, Pez refills and bubble gum. 

I always said I'd never have a pinata at a child's birthday because it can be a little risky, but I'm glad I changed my mind, it was a fun alternative to a party game but still provided an activity to entertain the guests.

I google image searched for a Flynn Rider wanted poster, cut out Flynn Rider's face, glued the paper to cardboard and used it to take pictures of the party guests.

^Happy Birthday girl? Check.
The party was a success!