Making Of: CAKE POPS

Here is a QUICK and EASY tutorial about Cake Pops..


Okay, this is what you need to begin to make 35 to 40 cake pops:

One box of cake mix
One can of frosting
Sucker Sticks
Almond bark (OR if you are good at dipping with chocolate, use chocolate...I like almond bark)
Candy melts in various colors of choice

This is what you do with it all:

1. Bake a cake in a 13 by 9in cake pan and let the cake cool.

2. Destroy the cake... spoon the cake into a mixing bowl and mix with a little less than one can of frosting.

3. When the cake and the frosting are well mixed, meaning the cake is MOIST and there isn't much of a bouncy bread look to it anymore, pick some up in your hands and roll it into a ball. If you roll balls the size of a quarter you can get about 45 to 50 pops out of your mix, if you roll them the size of donut holes, you'll end up with around 30.

4. Place the rolled balls onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Don't panic, you'll able to wash the sticky mixture off of your hands soon..just keep rolling.

5. When you're done, place the cookie sheet in your refrigerator for 30 min or your freezer for 10 minutes.
6. While the cake pops are chilling, melt a small amount of your chocolate or almond bark. You'll use this to attach your sucker sticks to the cake pops.

7. After the cake pops have chilled, dip your sucker sticks into the room temperature chocolate or almond bark and then insert the sticks into your cake pops. Try not to go through the bottom, but if you do, its OKAY.

8. Put the cake pops back in your refrigerator for about 20 minutes.

9. While the sticks are setting up in your cake pops, melt your chocolate or almond bark. You'll use this to dip your suckers into, so melt quite a bit. Let the chocolate or almond bark cool to about room temperature before you begin dipping. It's best to melt your dipping chocolate or bark in a tall cup...it just makes dipping easier.

10. To dip the cake pop, tilt the cup nearly on its side and lay your cake pop in the chocolate or almond bark, lift and turn the cake pop, coating each side. (If you simply dip the cake pop straight down into your cup, suction will pull it right off of the sucker stick, sad but true).

11. After dipping, hold the cake pop straight up and allow any excess chocolate or bark to drip off. Then place your cake pop in either a block of styrofoam or block of wood w/ precut holes to let it dry.

12. If you want to add sprinkles, don't let the chocolate or bark fully dry but wait until the major dripping stops.

13. If you want to drizzle or re-dip the cake pops with another color or layer of chocolate or bark, wait until the first layer is fully dry.

14. Set up the fully dried and decorated cake pops in an arrangement and ENJOY.

If you want to make WHITE or light colored cake pops, use WHITE or a light colored cake mix.

To drizzle the cake pops, mix a small amount of VEGETABLE SHORTENING in with the chocolate or almond bark.


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