Where has the time gone?

It hasn't gone to the birds, I can tell you that much. I've been one busy woman.

I taught a handfull of cake pop classes
They went well! If you are interested in learning how to make, arrange or purchase cake pops, contact me :)

 We went to the *new* disney store in Salt Lake. Ada was in girl heaven and she wants to go back every day.

We colored some crafts... 

I made some delicious food and ate it all up.

I ate avocados every day for like two months.

We painted easter eggs.

We enjoyed Easter Sunday.

 The girls went swimming a few times.

 We went to the fountain at Gateway Mall...

 I did some crafting for the girls room..

I made an awesome RAINBOW cake for Hannah's second birthday.

 My girls and I ran in the color run on the morning of Hannah's party.

We got all rainbowed up for the party ;)


Judd baby number three came to be..

And I have been one tired and sick lady for the last couple of months,

But I couldn't be more excited for the welcome addition to our family, due CHRISTMAS EVE :)

The end.
p.s. here's our little peanut: