Paint it black...or white.

I thought it would be soo fun to paint our new house (inside). We moved into a house with GREEN trim and doors. Not ugly, but not sweet..

So I started to consider my options. I took home a lot of paint chip cards. I put them in the filing cabinet for a while. I forgot about them. I found them again. I got excited. I bought paint, I bought samples. I bought rollers and I bought brushes, I bought tape and I started painting. Then I realized how fun painting is not. But I do realized how nice it WILL look when I'm all done ;)

If you don't know this already, I have two children, a three year old and another who is almost two. I have two puppies, not the calm types who sit on your lap, either. So I spend my days being a mom, potty trainer, house keeper, dog walker, HOA president, blogger, instagrammer, and cook in training. But by night I turn into a painter! As soon as the girls drift off to dreamland I go downstairs, tape, paint, paint, paint, paint, clean up and admire the SLOW process of progress.

I think in a total of three months I can be done. Is that good? It's good enough for this mom.
My first day. Thought I'd test a little paint on the trim. Loved the white.

So, I taped off the doors, the trim, the base and the crown molding. This is when I realized I couldn't turn back.

So I didn't, I moved forward.

And I didn't stop.

I started to see progress and I learned doors are not fun to paint, especially when you're trying to cover a color.

I finished my first whole section. Proud.

And when the tape came off I was really glad I decided to do this. 

I carried it all the way around the room. Two weeks and the trim, base and molding look great!

 I sampled some color on the walls. I decided to go with what you see on the bottom.

I hung the door back up. ALL BY MYSELF. Then Mark came home and straightened it up for me so I would actually close :)) I don't care, I'm still proud.

So proud that I took all of the doors off on the main floor and started painting them.

When I bought sample color, I purched three colors from one paint chip card. Since I decided to go with the lightest and darkest colors, I had the middle color sample left over. So I put it to good use and painting the inside of my kitchen cupboard. I know it will go well with the color scheme since it falls in the middle of the colors I chose AND there will be a door in front of it anyway.

I like it.

So that's about it. I am working on finishing the trim in the hallway and up the stairs and touching up the main room. THEN I get to start color. Truth be told, I'm REEEEAAALLLLY excited to start the color even though I know it will be a lot of work, I will probably feel like I hate it while I'm rolling the night away every night for two weeks but hey, who needs sleep anyway?


Okay. I am Here. Don't worry ;)

Yeah, I get back on Facebook and my blog goes straight to the back burner, oops.
To be honest I haven't been OVERUSING the old facebook like I did a year ago. I think I've been showing preeeettty good restraint especially considering I have the fb app and can access the network at any time.

One thing I HAVE been using a lot lately --------> instagram <3 <3 <3

Here I will show you...

Have a nice daayy ;)