You will get what's coming to you..

...more posts!

Here's what to look and wait for (I promise it's good):

  • Chicken Pot Pie recipe with bonus Blueberry Pie recipe
  • Ada loves Disney on Ice
In  the mean time, I've been up to the normal daily life of mothering two rambunctious girls, watching in amazement/frustration our two crazy puppies and seeing a barely there husband who is working a ridiculous amount of hours lately but who is also productive, amazing and great to our family. 

Thanksgiving is coming up quick...ah, then Christmas. Good old Christmas. Santa pictures with the girls on my birthday, can't wait to see how they react this year :))) I'm a little stressed just thinking about what we will do this year i.e. will we spend what feels like a twenty four hour cycle driving from house to house to house to house to visit our families? We will see... 

Anyways, stay tuned, stay happy, stay fit, take up eating a fruit and a vegetable each day, wear a smile. Enjoy your day.


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