twenty six.

I'm sitting in my bed looking at my two daughters (who love to take over my bed each night a few hours after they go to sleep) and I couldn't be more...confused, happy, in awe. How did I get here?

I remember being a little girl who was excited about finally being tall enough to see what was on the counter in my mom's kitchen.

I remember making my first friend, Ashley Doltan, and riding my bike to her house.

I remember going to high school and then college...

I remember meeting Mark and when we found out Ada was coming and now I am going to be twenty six in a week. I don't feel old. I don't feel sad about my birthday or age. I do feel a little like I'm at the top of a hill though, looking back at my past and seeing also the path ahead of me. I feel good. I am blessed beyond any of the images I could have pictured for my life at this time. I certainly wouldn't have thought I would be married or have two daughters. I own two dogs! What the hell? Haha, really, things are great.

I hope this year is my best so far. I feel like I have a LOT of patients to learn for my daughters and a lot of love to give to my family and friends.

amen :)


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  1. It was good to see you and your girls at Karen's the other day. I was so happy that Ada bug came and snuggled right up to me :) she is such a sweet little girl.
    Life always has a way of grabbing our original plans out of our hands, and just tossing them out the window of a moving car. I take a look at my life and wonder the same thing, "What the hell?!" but, if it takes me to the happy place that I am, then I would still do it all again. :)