Things anger takes away from me:

When I get angry I get really mad, lets just leave it at that. Anger is something that will probably never be missing from my range of emotions but I am able to notice what anger takes away from me:

my ability to realize EVERY person is someone's child. Every person was once an innocent child, much like my own beautiful babies.

my ability to realized I make mistakes too and need to make appropriate amends for them.

my rational thought process, my sense of wit, reality and forgiveness goes right out the window.

my footing.

my love for others.

my sense of gratitude for all of the blessings I've received.

my smile.

I love to be happy. I love it so much.
I am happy right now. I experienced some major anger earlier today with a random person. a person who's night has probably also been filled with the tense letting go of anger...or maybe not, hopefully not.

Anyway, why write this here?
For my own sake. I want to keep adding to this.
It feels good to take a second and realize what I like and what I don't and then write it down.

Ahh, breathing much better now.


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