Best Fiona Costume Ever.

I went all out this year. I usually never do anything too special for Halloween.
I am usually concerned with Thanksgiving and Christmas, too much to even care about dressing up or decorating, I never skip the consuming large amount of candy though.

One time I got in a huge fight with Mark on Halloween. I was being a really huge b****. I found out shortly after, following some majorly b***** moves, that I was pregnant with Ada. Yeah, happy Halloween memories ;)

Ada's been excited for Halloween this year, it's the first year she's been looking forward to dressing up. So, when she asked me to make her a Fiona costume I couldn't resist.

I've put all holiday thought on hold. I decked out our house with spiders and pumpkins and set to work to sew Ada's costume....and Marks...and why not one for Hannah?

I was Puss in boots. Hannah was Gingy. Mark was Shrek and Ada was Fiona.

Trick or treaters: Hannah was the most serious candy grubber I've ever seen. She was all about getting as much candy as fast as she could. She always made sure to say Thank You :)

Baby Gingy.

Princess Fiona.

Wigs + 3 year olds = 30 minutes, tops.


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