Treats and tricks.

These are invitations to Ada's halloween party. Pretty snazzy.

I used the tops of the invitations as a stencil and I made treat bags full of sugary goodness and spooky plastic goods.

What do you do with a million clothespins when you don't hang dry your clothes and you only bought them just to use one pin? Why, you make treat back clips. Right? I think you do.

Keep an eye out, I'll be posting pictures of Ada's costume, The Best Fiona (from Shrek) Costume EVER and the rest of our costumes will be there too. I finished them last night.



  1. They are so cute!!! Hey I mentioned this party to Sarah a while back, but forgot to let you know that she said thanks so much for the invite, but they made a previous commitment to another party. Hope it all turns out!! have fun!! :) :)

  2. Okay! Thanks for the rsvp :) if you still want to come you are welcome. Denise and the kids will all be here too.