it started out small...

I wouldn't say it got out of hand. It did become a much larger project as time carried on.

This is day one. I planted some flowers. Some of which did not do so well on their first summer at the new house...

My wonderful husband, in response to my constant "lets re-do the patio" talk, pulled up part of the horrible brick area that was left by the previous owners. Hated the brick. It's not a secret any longer, HATED THEM. Ew. 

As you can see, the garden slowly began to grow. This tomato plant went on to be a record size monster of tomato plants. It ate some small animals, a few children and produced about three hundred ketchup tasting tomatoes. All true.
The strawberry plant you see there produced a few handfuls of strawberries. The dogs enjoyed them much to my dismay.

Back to the bricks... See? My wonder-husband planted lawn. He is so sweet.

See this sprout? Isn't it tiny and cute? I had given up on the squash seeds I thought didn't make it.

See the squash plant outside? It lived. It grew. It overpowered everything. It flowered, it produced tiny squash, they started to grow. I got annoyed with my out of control garden.
I tried to trim it back.
I was pulling out the tomato plant, I'd had enough tomatoes for a lifetime.
I tipped over the squash plant.
The squash plant snapped. 
I threw it away. I'll devise a better plan for doing one next year. Oh well.
Not a one squash was to be had.

Oh wait, where is the lawn?
The dogs loved the lawn. They loved to dig holes in the lawn, right on through to China. 
Yes they did.
So, the lawn is gone. Honestly, I only trimmed it one time. I just didn't like the way it was turning out. 
I still didn't like the brick that was left. Hated those red bricks.

In comes Mark to save the day. He worked three 68 hour weeks in a row and on his first day off what did he do?

Any guesses? 
He helped me do a patio overhaul.

Because he is perfect. 

Over the next couple of days I looked like this.
I looked pretty [tired].
I worked my butt off laying the stones and happily, I finished before the autumn rain started.

And this is where we are now.
love it.
Now what?
*I plan to plant moss <----still have to do a little garden research to figure out exactly what kind of moss/plant is great for what I want. 
*I plan to plant a little garden right in that area you see below the hanging planter. Maybe a rose bush. Maybe mums. I still don't know. A vine that will climb up a trellis?
*I need to get rid of the bricks. Do you want about 400 bricks? Do you know someone who does? I don't. 



  1. I love the yard! You guys did a great job. Can't wait till we get to hang out with you guys more when we move back!!! Miss you guys! :)

  2. Wow, that is ALOT of work!! way to go, it was worth it, it looks fabulous! I wanna come see it! and you guys too I guess... ;)