Dont worry.

I have a few posts up my sleeve right now. I've been on my toes, very busy lately.
Mark changed shifts at work so I'm pulling the get up in the morning, stay up until two routine and it's official, I love it. I get to run my errands, take my time, not have to have the clean house and hot dinner on the table at 5 and we all love seeing Mark in the morning when we are in good moods. Im SO tired though.
I've also become highly addicted to kickboxing class. It is taking a huge toll on my physical energy but is giving me some very positive mental energy, so that's a trade I'm willing to make.

So. How are you?

Here's what will be coming soon:

Recipe: Lasagna Soup <----- the best recipe I've tried all year. Really. Delicious.
Pictures: Our patio is now all finished before Autumn really sets in. I love it. I'm proud.
How-to: The Best Fiona (from Shrek) Costume EVER and it's homemade + is super easy. Even if you are sewing illiterate.

Why am I not posting these wonderful things now, you ask?
Because I'm a clean freak. I am on a mission to rid our place of our weekly dust coating, fingerprints I've missed along the way, crayon murals on the walls, and lost crumbs. Oh and Hannah is fast asleep for a nap, so now is the easiest way to actually only clean things ONCE ;) I'm spending this time filling by filling my belly with coffee and making this quick blog update.

Happy day!

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  1. Maddie, you need to hurry up and put your lasagna soup recipe on here!! I have heard its amazing and i wanna try it! And i wanna see your patio :)