Tea for twenty or so.

Gracie is getting married. Joey's family is so friendly. I am happy for her. 

(Joey's sister Lizzy, his mother RuthAnne, sister Anne, Anne's daughter Ester)

 (My grandma Alice, my mom)

(Gracie, friend Nicole, friends Trinny and her daughter Jessica, friend Allison)

This table WAS full of teacups. I snapped the shot a liiiiitttle too late.

Great food. Scones. Tea sandwiches. Cookies. Muffins. White chocolate dipped strawberries. Water with orange, lime and mint <----so good. All of the food was DElicious.

My mom made these wonderful cucumber sandwiches. SO GOOD. SO GOOD. 
Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

I made these strawberries. Well, I dipped them. I am amazing...but not that amazing. I leave the fruit creation to someone much more incredible.


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