taking names.

Got through toDAY. Up to now anyway.

I woke up early --------> which is a good thing for me to do. I'm so much happier/productive/put together/thought out when I don't sleep the morning away.

Planning a tea party bridal shower with my mom for my little sis. So fun. My mom is just having the best time getting all of the tea cups and saucers together. Gonna be so cute :)))
I'll be posting pictures.

It's been nine months since I deleted facebook and the verdict??????

still not sure about what to do at the end of the year. honestly, sometimes I feel like deleting this blog, my email address, dropping the cell phone off a cliff and going into hiding. really. I bet every body feels like that sometimes though. maybe? or maybe it's just me. I've only done the drop off the face of the earth thing once. probably about 5 years ago. it was so nice. i actually memorized my friend's and family's numbers....like we used to do in the 90s and yes I spent lots of change in the pay phones.

well, that's the rant for my day. yeah right.

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