some of the house.

Was feeling a little icky about things the other day. 
There are things that make me feel good though.

Green things. Like my bedroom. My green chair, the bedding, the accents. 
I feel good about this room.
I feel good in this room.

I just added some frames to the wall in our bathroom. Liking them.

 A bookshelf I moved to the hall. If you asked me how many times I've rearranged these shelves I would tell you a million times, in a million ways with a million color schemes. I would not be lying.

This is the 't.v. room.' The first room I finished after the move.
I diy-ed the lamp and the shade. I was proud of this room four months ago.
I still am.

My daughter's bedroom. Can not wait to get rid of the baby cage. Ada's bed is a trundle, so Hannah's bed is waiting for her down there.
I love the rug. I adore the rug, actually. 
I made the curtain. I'm proud of my work. This room is still a work in progress but coming along well. 

I made these pillow cases and the pillow for the girls. An A for Ada and an H for Hannah. 

I bought a set of pictures when I was pregnant for the first time. I found all four at DI but the glass was broken on one, so I bought only three.
They were cute, pictures of ducks. There was a story on the back of each. I guess they belonged to a series of children's books. 
I only had three of the four. So...there was no harm in destroying the set I had.
I took the pictures off of the backing and replaced them with this fabric.
I replaced the pictures in the nice shadow frames (the frames being the reason I originally liked the pictures). No one was the wiser...or so I thought.
Ada saw them and the first words out of her mouth were "Mom? Where did my ducks go??"

 My new washing machine. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mark. I love you, and not JUST because you bought this for me.
But aside from that, I like the baskets I bought at Target for keeping things organized (hidden from plain view). 

And that brings us to the entry level...
I emptied it of the kitchen table. I decided not to do anything until we get the furniture we really want moved into the room and I will go from there.

The end.


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  1. I love what you've done with the place! such a simple elegance :)