Let me take just a minute to...

let out a silent but very heartfelt screeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmm.

ahem. thank you. things are going well. my day was awesome. my husband is the best. my kids are....umm, cute ;))

my puppies are active, playful, destructive, time consuming, loving, smart and getting trained.

why the scream then? well, it is currently 9pm. this is the time of the day when everything I haven't finished or gotten around to stares me down in the end-of-the-night-are-you-going-to-finish-the-day-or-let-it-drag-to-tomorrow showdown {accepting shorter more clever names}.

this is also the time when my two little girls are the most tired but seem to want to stay awake the most too. at this time i usually get mark's lunch ready for tomorrow. set up the coffee for the morning. get anything else ready for the day tomorrow. oh yeah...and...gag...fold the laundry that i haven't folded yet.

love life, love 9o'clock....but i reeeeally love ten o'clock :))

right now the girls are being too quiet. lets all hope they tucked each other into bed and are dreaming as i type!


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