Mountain love.


Tea for twenty or so.

Gracie is getting married. Joey's family is so friendly. I am happy for her. 

(Joey's sister Lizzy, his mother RuthAnne, sister Anne, Anne's daughter Ester)

 (My grandma Alice, my mom)

(Gracie, friend Nicole, friends Trinny and her daughter Jessica, friend Allison)

This table WAS full of teacups. I snapped the shot a liiiiitttle too late.

Great food. Scones. Tea sandwiches. Cookies. Muffins. White chocolate dipped strawberries. Water with orange, lime and mint <----so good. All of the food was DElicious.

My mom made these wonderful cucumber sandwiches. SO GOOD. SO GOOD. 
Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

I made these strawberries. Well, I dipped them. I am amazing...but not that amazing. I leave the fruit creation to someone much more incredible.


Ada's date night.

Every now and then Ada likes to go on a date with her dad :)
This time they went to the CIRCUS.

She donned the perfect outfit. Great shoes. Ready for a big night out.

He took her out to eat. She found a lap top in her happy meal. What??

(Just like her mom, cotton candy love)

She stuffed her face. Enjoyed the circus. Told me all about it the next day. Is ready for the next date!



some of the house.

Was feeling a little icky about things the other day. 
There are things that make me feel good though.

Green things. Like my bedroom. My green chair, the bedding, the accents. 
I feel good about this room.
I feel good in this room.

I just added some frames to the wall in our bathroom. Liking them.

 A bookshelf I moved to the hall. If you asked me how many times I've rearranged these shelves I would tell you a million times, in a million ways with a million color schemes. I would not be lying.

This is the 't.v. room.' The first room I finished after the move.
I diy-ed the lamp and the shade. I was proud of this room four months ago.
I still am.

My daughter's bedroom. Can not wait to get rid of the baby cage. Ada's bed is a trundle, so Hannah's bed is waiting for her down there.
I love the rug. I adore the rug, actually. 
I made the curtain. I'm proud of my work. This room is still a work in progress but coming along well. 

I made these pillow cases and the pillow for the girls. An A for Ada and an H for Hannah. 

I bought a set of pictures when I was pregnant for the first time. I found all four at DI but the glass was broken on one, so I bought only three.
They were cute, pictures of ducks. There was a story on the back of each. I guess they belonged to a series of children's books. 
I only had three of the four. So...there was no harm in destroying the set I had.
I took the pictures off of the backing and replaced them with this fabric.
I replaced the pictures in the nice shadow frames (the frames being the reason I originally liked the pictures). No one was the wiser...or so I thought.
Ada saw them and the first words out of her mouth were "Mom? Where did my ducks go??"

 My new washing machine. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mark. I love you, and not JUST because you bought this for me.
But aside from that, I like the baskets I bought at Target for keeping things organized (hidden from plain view). 

And that brings us to the entry level...
I emptied it of the kitchen table. I decided not to do anything until we get the furniture we really want moved into the room and I will go from there.

The end.


girls and dolls.

This is the start of the dolls for Ada. When finished there will be two dolls, complete with hair, face, belly buttons and clothes.

Ada picked the undies on this one. Zebra girl.
She's been snuggling her incomplete doll since I stitched the legs and arms on.
She doesn't seem to care about the fact that her doll has no face, no hair, no front or back.
I love my Ada.


Today = Autumn




Switch up.

I had these tension headaches all the time.
I loved my life and my family but found myself not enjoying things like I wanted to.

I decided to start my days with the intention to be calm.

It worked.




Stuckk stuuucckk stttuck.

This queen of rearranging can not seem to figure out what to do about my awkward living room/dining room/kitchen/entry way that all run right into each other at odd angles.

(not to mention where do I put two not cool looking dog kennels?)

This momma needs help.

I think I need to hit up ikea. My stomach hurts :/


Tuesday Sept 11, 2001

I will always remember the shock.
I will always remember seeing the people around me frozen and confused, sad, angry, afraid.
I will always remember feeling that pit in my stomach.
I will always feel for those who lost someone that day.

Even today, ten years later I can't not cry. I still can't fully grasp the reality of 3,000 lives gone forever in two hours.

I pray that my children will not have to experience such a horrible, confusing, evil and senseless tragedy in their lifetime.



taking names.

Got through toDAY. Up to now anyway.

I woke up early --------> which is a good thing for me to do. I'm so much happier/productive/put together/thought out when I don't sleep the morning away.

Planning a tea party bridal shower with my mom for my little sis. So fun. My mom is just having the best time getting all of the tea cups and saucers together. Gonna be so cute :)))
I'll be posting pictures.

It's been nine months since I deleted facebook and the verdict??????

still not sure about what to do at the end of the year. honestly, sometimes I feel like deleting this blog, my email address, dropping the cell phone off a cliff and going into hiding. really. I bet every body feels like that sometimes though. maybe? or maybe it's just me. I've only done the drop off the face of the earth thing once. probably about 5 years ago. it was so nice. i actually memorized my friend's and family's numbers....like we used to do in the 90s and yes I spent lots of change in the pay phones.

well, that's the rant for my day. yeah right.


Let me take just a minute to...

let out a silent but very heartfelt screeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmm.

ahem. thank you. things are going well. my day was awesome. my husband is the best. my kids are....umm, cute ;))

my puppies are active, playful, destructive, time consuming, loving, smart and getting trained.

why the scream then? well, it is currently 9pm. this is the time of the day when everything I haven't finished or gotten around to stares me down in the end-of-the-night-are-you-going-to-finish-the-day-or-let-it-drag-to-tomorrow showdown {accepting shorter more clever names}.

this is also the time when my two little girls are the most tired but seem to want to stay awake the most too. at this time i usually get mark's lunch ready for tomorrow. set up the coffee for the morning. get anything else ready for the day tomorrow. oh yeah...and...gag...fold the laundry that i haven't folded yet.

love life, love 9o'clock....but i reeeeally love ten o'clock :))

right now the girls are being too quiet. lets all hope they tucked each other into bed and are dreaming as i type!