Stand still..

My baby was sick all week, now Ada is sick, her eyes are almost swollen shut, just seeing her makes my heart ache. She is not happy, she has hardly flashed me a smile today. Mark is sick today and i am getting over whatever it is that everyone in this house seems to have.
When i get sick I'm the type of person who panics. I ask Mark the same question every time I've been sick since we've been together, "am I going to die?" I can't hack the aches, i can't bare the thought of just resting. Being sick is pure mental and physical torture for me, so when my family is sick I can't help but feel for them (even though they ALL handle illness much better than I seem to).
My pregnancies were probably dream pregnancies because god knew being sick at all would not work for me.
Right now I am at a stand still. I actually spent all day at home with the girls and Mark and I didn't do anything (except after everyone fell asleep I did some laundry...) I feel a little depressed thinking I did nothing, but I guess caring for my family, being with them, and giving myself a real break is a good thing.
I hope we all get back to being better soon.

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  1. Just being there for those sickies is enough :) I hate hate HATE getting sick, I feel ya... hope you all get over it soon!!! btw, I think we should put together a lil bbq sometime before it gets cold. I wanna come see your new place!