PINspire me :))

If you are like me, even a little like me, your mind is filled with hundreds of great ideas right now. All throughout the day you'd love to pat yourself on the back if you could because you are a genius, you are inspired and you are creative. Your mind functions great most days, especially after that first cup of coffee. You write lists. You collect recipes from magazines. You bookmark outfits you love. You admire the beautiful colors you see outside. You like to touch all of the fabric at the craft store just to test how it feels.

Sometimes, well a lot of the time, your ideas slip away. Sometimes you don't even notice. Sometimes you try real hard to remember that great bit of information you were chewing on a few minutes, a few hours or a few days earlier.

Your children are tugging on your shirt, holding your pockets, telling you about their day, throwing a tantrum, tickling you, hugging you, running away from you while completely naked. When you're all done with the day, your children are sleeping and your time becomes yours again. Now it's time to remember what it is you saw, what you were going to do. What was it again?


If you're like me, even a little, this might help you. I am loving it. I just started using it. It is really nice to think about, and SEE what really inspires you. What makes you smile?

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Stand still..

My baby was sick all week, now Ada is sick, her eyes are almost swollen shut, just seeing her makes my heart ache. She is not happy, she has hardly flashed me a smile today. Mark is sick today and i am getting over whatever it is that everyone in this house seems to have.
When i get sick I'm the type of person who panics. I ask Mark the same question every time I've been sick since we've been together, "am I going to die?" I can't hack the aches, i can't bare the thought of just resting. Being sick is pure mental and physical torture for me, so when my family is sick I can't help but feel for them (even though they ALL handle illness much better than I seem to).
My pregnancies were probably dream pregnancies because god knew being sick at all would not work for me.
Right now I am at a stand still. I actually spent all day at home with the girls and Mark and I didn't do anything (except after everyone fell asleep I did some laundry...) I feel a little depressed thinking I did nothing, but I guess caring for my family, being with them, and giving myself a real break is a good thing.
I hope we all get back to being better soon.


Things I've never gotten around to writing about.

I woke up early today. I shampooed the carpets in our house. I'm drinking even more coffee now. I'm about to start my day with the girls now. Thought I should add a little something for you to look at since I haven't added much for a while now. Enjoy.

Maybe some neats changes to come (to this blog)... The wheels in my mind are a-turnin. If time and motivation come together for me I'll be doing it.

How have I been, by the way? I've been fine. Loving our new place, loving SOME of the neighbors. We bought another dog. Yeah, you read that right. Okay. Have a productive and enjoyable day. I will too.