Some of our little love nest :)

That's the kitchen.

That's the other half of the room... and to the right, a closet, our birdie, the back patio door.

The entry way.

Some random person's structure that I'd like Mark to make for us.



SEE what we've done.

This is what we started.
This is the SECOND step. Top soil.

This weekend: Grass for the puppy :)))

THE gateway fountains.

Ada: Should we get wet?
Hannah: You tell me! I just turned one. What is happening??

Ada: It's kind of cold...
Hannah: I agree...but again I'm only one, I think I want to try this out.

Ada: (truthfully) "Mom, the water got it my eye, get me a wipe"

The girls enjoying the water from the fountains on a FINALLY warm day in SLC, UT.

HannahL: I'm not sooooo sure about this Ada.



This is the quilt I'm making for Hannah. Some time I will upload a photo of the one I just finished for Ada (it is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that my Mom and sister, Gracie, begun Ada's quilt and did MOST of the work on the squares, I just stitched the quilt together).

But Hannah's not so much...not finished. At all.

See the little monster in the background? See her stuffing toys into my kitchen drawers :) ?

Hannah, will I finish your quilt before you are 16 years old? Ha ha, not sure.

Love you.