Do you need to shed some tears?

Then go ahead and check this out.

I love to look at years and years worth of photos. We have photos from when Mark and I started dating, when we got married, when we went to New York, California, (not from Minneapolis though...don't ask), when I was pregnant, when Ada turned one, when Hannah was born and a ton of random shots for every moment in between.

Every time I look at the pictures I get a pick-me-up, an instant smile. I love my family. I love my parents, and Marks parents. I love seeing my siblings and Mark's siblings all connecting with our children. I've loved being around to see my sister's have babies and can't wait for my families to continue growing.

I used to think people who grew up, got married and had kids just gave up <------ dead WRONG. I know now that children are a blessing, that marriage is a blessing, that family is the most important part of life.

Now, after reading that blog, I think about tomorrow. What if I wasn't a part of tomorrow. Did I realize how blessed I was? Did I hug Ada enough? Did I tell Mark why I love him so much or call my grandma?

Not saying I need to live in a world of anxiety about making phone calls and being obsessively affectionate (although Mark might approve), but I really just mean to say I realize I am blessed. I have a wonderful thing going here.


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