5 years ago

I planted a seed.

The seed has slowly grown.

In only a little over five years more, MAYBE the plant will flower.

And then in a few years those flowers will become Avocados.

A girl can hope.

Some of the many

..many, many, many reasons I adore life.

This is what I see right before going outside to garden.
Hannah's always holding a spoon. She's prepared to eat at any time.

This box literally entertained my children for more than one hour. No fighting, just pure joy.

I'm watching them make plans in the clubhouse.

My heart melts when Ada is a good big sister, sharing an ice cream cone with Hanni.

I can't even imagine a life without these little monsters.


Babies fall asleep anywhere.

She couldn't wait for me to come upstairs, so she fell asleep at the gate.

She took the opportunity to sleep in the not-so-often there sunshine.

Oh wait, who is that second baby girl? Well, she is our new puppy Mickey.
Our mini pinscher.
I will write more about this dog another time. A time when I'm not tired, not stuffing my face with midnight snacks and when I have more time.


We did it. Rain boots, jackets, smiles. We planted our flowers, did what we could and cleaned up just as the rain started to pour again. Success.

Here is how the pots turned out. Loving them:
And, yes, I was pleasantly surprised. I still have paint left in my third can.

Thanks to this never-ending spring weather, the air was chilly causing the paint to crackle. Do I love the crackle? Of course.

And we started a new project this weekend. This is just the tip of the iceberg, having fun.



Motivate Me

I can say the rain is DE motivating me. I'm pretty sure it has slowed me down for the past couple of days. Today, it isn't slowing me down. Today I want to go out in the rain, with my girls, and have a good day. Maybe I'll try.



lots of pots

Seven terra cotta pots
Three terra cotta bases
Two cans of glossy white spray paint

The pots are still not covered the way I want them to be... I have one more can of paint waiting patiently in my garage to be used. I'm thinking it will take two but am hoping to be surprised.

So we just bought our house and the patio was...not so great. I'm going to try to spiff it up a LOT and try something with grass and pavers like in the picture below:
More pictures to come soon.



Other than being on the pushing end when I had my two girls, I've never seen the birth of a baby.
My cousin let me be in the room when she had her baby on Saturday.

It was beautiful and a true miracle.
Welcome to the world little Abigail :)



I don't normally write about things like this. Today I do though.

Is it wrong to celebrate a person's death? People, me being one, were disgusted at the celebrations held in other parts of the world on 9/11. I kind of felt the same sick feeling seeing American's happy about the death of one certain man. Both of the images I saw contained crowds of people, seemingly partaking in chaos but really sharing a union of feeling, of happiness. But, at the same time, I can't say his death is not a huge success from a standpoint of safety, security...and probably, largely out of revenge.

What a strange piece of news it was to hear. I will probably not forget where I was when I heard, "They killed Osama Bin Laden." Just like when I heard, "They crashed planes into the Twin Towers." My heart sinks when I think about both moments. What a world we live in. We despise death and murder and then we celebrate death and murder.

I've never been ashamed to say I respected Pres. Bush and what he did during his presidency. Of course, it is very easy to pick on the one person who is on the news, makes the speeches, is the image projected to all of us over the television...but didn't he have loads of people behind him, agreeing with him, aiding him, writing his speeches? Of course he did. Despite his flaws, he was a great president. I hope the celebrators of this recent death remember Bush's promise, "In terms of Mr. Bin Laden himself, we'll get him running." I hope the celebrators remember this statement above all of the other famous (or infamous) Bush quotes.

Something I couldn't help but to notice is the similarity (and respectfully the VAST difference) of the capture of a previous American threat. Someone hidden in plain sight, living a seemingly ordinary life while being sought out. Someone who devastated the lives of many Americans, although, it can be said, the man below did it one person at a time rather than by the thousands at once.

Maybe there will be a lashing out by the followers of Bin Laden as a result of his death. Will it be carried out in a large scale devastation or a slow, but never fading, drug cartel kind of way like that of Pablo Escobar?

Any thoughts?