One. The second time.

Today, at just about this time, a year ago, Hannah Gracie made a quiet entrance into our lives.
Now she's one...

I finished her baby book last night. I love looking at all of the amazing things we did this year. I narrowed it down to about thirty photos. I think I could make a hundred baby books for her without ever repeating the photos. Does anyone need help with a baby book? I have a lot of ideas. (I made Hannah's book before she was even born, all it needed was a years worth of pictures.)

I made a Nemo cake and twenty four cupcakes for the party. I finished them last night at 10:30! I'm so proud. It took me until three in the morning to finish things for Ada's first party and let's just say the cake is something we all laugh at now. Really, not good. Thanks to Wilton's Cake Decorating courses for teaching me a thing or two.
So, I tried to get creative with some candy here for the decoration...does it look like a coral reef? Maybe just a little bit?

A dozen balloons arrived for the big day, it's party time!

I wonder what she wished for :)

After cake, she started opening up all of the great gifts from her family. Pretty soon the room was covered in bright wrapping and tissue paper and a lot of great toys and adorable summer clothes!

When everyone left, these two crashed.

She stayed up for a minute more to play.

And then she hit the hey.

And I CLEANED my house.
The end.

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