Where am I?

Well, there isn't a start or finishing mark to describe where I am at right now. As a family, we are right here...

We are starting to cut out A LOT of the fat in our lives, literally and figuratively. I've probably driven through the DI drop-off at least once a week. I recognize the workers, they recognize me. Want anything? Need something? Let me know, maybe we're willing to let it go.

Simplicity is what we are aiming for and it feels great.

Part two: Our diet. We are cutting out processed food and sugar(unless naturally occurring). Really. It's been about two months into this process. Our freezer is slowly growing roomier and our selection of produce is growing larger. It's really nice to look at a container in our cupboard, turn it over, read the ingredients and see: Raisins. That's it.

Here's my new goal. One of many...
How will I replace some old favorite recipes with whole foods and RECOGNIZABLE ingredients?

Here's what's coming up: Hannah's birthday, April 30 (YES, I am getting sad, she's already almost one and YES, I want another baby...but probably won't happen for a while), Ada's birthday, July 29 and Mark's birthday, August 6... Want to make sweet treats but healthy treats. I don't want to pump my family and guests full of sugar and fat if I don't have to :)

I'm liking these.

And this is a great list of sugar free options for cupcakes.

Right now I'd say we are half and half, processed and whole foods. Slowly but surely we'll get closer to whole and we will cut out all processed foods.

Honestly, last month it was so hard, I probably solely consumed the last remaining sugar and junk food from our cupboards and fridge, out of desperation.

It's hard to stop eating junk food and sugar and processed foods, it sometimes feels like I'm betraying my childhood...like, what do I do about easter baskets?

I originally planned to stuff my girls easter eggs with sugary candies, but now I don't think that will happen. Mark suggested dollars, I think that is AWESOME and I hope the girls do too.

Anyways, that's all. That's where I'm at. The middle.


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Machelle said...

nice work! I am making an effort to try and remove as much sugar as I can from my own diet, its sooo hard! keep it up though, your girls will thank you someday :)