Motherhood is good

Today is Ash Wednesday. If you're Catholic, it means the beginning of lent...40 days of fasting and giving something up. If you aren't Catholic, it means you may have seen some people with black spots on their forehead and were a little puzzled or humored.

I take Ada every year on Ash Wednesday to the church I went to as a little girl. This year after getting the ashes she pointed to mine and then touched hers and said, "Mom, I want pink ones."

Ada wanted to wear her ashes ALL DAY and she even wore them to bed. Today also happened to be her first dance class ever. And the verdict is... she LOVED it. What a cutie. I loved watching her enjoy dancing with her friends.

P.S. The teacher is great and she went to the same Catholic School that I did as a girl...the same one where we got our ashes today.


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