So we moved into our perfect little home, and I decided to clean the carpet in our tv room since there was a...smell...coming from that room. Well, guess what I found? Lots and LOTS of dog hair. A lot. A whole lot and I only shampooed half the room...


So that's what I've been doing. Cleaning my perfect little home like a crackhead. All day. I go from one room to the next cleaning the baseboards, the doors, the door knobs, the door frames, cupboards, cupboard doors, blinds, switches and shampooing the carpet when I get a chance.

Some days I feel like crying while I clean and others I'm so happy to be almost done and one room closer to a sparkling clean home. What a crazy couple of weeks it has been. So, if I've ignored you, neglected our friendship, seemed non existent, it's all because of dog hair.

Wanted to get a cute little bull dog for our perfect little home...now...not so sure.

Incase you're wondering too, I only have half of ONE room to go! Then probably clean and patch all the walls and finally get to do more fun things like decorate and maybe paint.

Then one day, when I feel my perfect little home is as clean as heaven I'll invite YOU over to enjoy it with me.

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