Where did I set my motivation?

Okay. So I'm sitting here and am a little ashamed to say I'm wolfing down pieces upon pieces of english toffee I made this evening...can't stop. Gross.

Here's a little explanation about my end of year and what I'm looking to do this year.
Last year, in December, our offer got approved for a house. Excited beyond words. My brother in law and his wife had a beautiful baby, born on my birthday, second time being an aunt. Pretty amazing.

These are my monsters...
Can't say it enough, motherhood rocks. Ada and I attempted to build a snowman. Hannah handled the snow well for about fifteen minutes and then decided she needed to be inside.

Mark pressed his FIRST skateboard. Totally awesome. I'm very proud.

My "making of" monogram mugs went WELL. Thanks to all my girls who came out. Can't wait to host the next one...January (MAYBE, crossing fingers).

Now it is January and here I am. I resolved to delete my facebook and that's just what I did. The result: I've been spending more time reading to my girls, playing make believe, baking and
cooking with ADA. Cleaning out our apartment, staying sane, feeling isolated, smiling, wondering, wanting the year to hurry, being happy and loving Mark.

AND cutting off all of the loose threads from this magic carpet.

Oh, and I stopped eating the toffee midway through the post.

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