home sweet home

I have a few minutes here this morning. The laundry has been started, the baby just fell back asleep and Ada is successfully hogging our whole queen bed.

Today, Mark and I will own a fridge, oven, dishwasher, toilets, sinks, windows, doors, oh and the big box surrounding it all. Our first home.

I know that the home is not the blessing, but that our skills and abilities are. Our children and our marriage, our common interests and individual talents have all taken a lot of work to be how and where they are now. Some days the work doesn't seem worthwhile, I just can't see the reward so clearly. Today, I can. Today, I am blessed, not because we can and are buying our first house but because we are together.

(Now, let's hope I can feel this today when Ada tells me no for the hundredth time, Hannah takes every book off of the shelf and my Mark is away, making skateboards.)

Eventually, maybe, probably, some day..
This rug or this chair
I could live in this room

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