Ah hah.

The babies are sleeping.
My husband is sleeping.
And, I'm awake!

Fabulous. What am I doing?
Writing, check, relaxing, check...catching up on some TV, celebrity gossip, news, outside world, check.

I just finished rounding up all of the toys, packing a lunch for Mark, cleaning up from dinner and life in general. We're moving to a house next month so I've been doing odd, deep cleaning jobs. Just making sure we get our Security Deposit back, our place looks great for three years and two kids later :)

Some things I've been thinking about...
How can I best manage my time?
How can I remain in touch with the art world now that I'm a stay at home mom?
How can I make sure my time with the girls is meaningful?

How can I brush off encounters with rude people?
How can I muster up the courage to say it like it is and stick by it?

Constant questioning, that's how it's always been and perhaps always will be... my mind is rarely quiet...and if you know me well the same goes for my mouth ;)

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