Scattered into a million pieces.

I am interested in:
Writing a book, poetry, a short story
Painting a picture for Hannah, maybe one for the new house?
Sewing something awesome, a doll, aprons, trying my hands at a quilt.
Making money.
Making friends.
Making a delicious meal.
Planning parties.
Cleaning out closets, knowing exactly what I own, finding out what I need.
Getting my way.
Being nice.
Finding ways to improve my health.
Finding ways to be a better mom and wife and daughter and sister and friend.
Thinking about all the ways we can decorate the new place.
Color schemes.

Sometimes my mind moves a mile a minute. I get so excited to start a new project or continue work on an old one and then life happens and I get caught up with other things.
I wish there were a few extra hours in the day, a few extra days on the weekend and a few extra minutes to throw in when I'm having a a great moment, great feeling or great thought.

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