Time to start thinking New Yrs Resolution...

Something about health? Running or an exercise routine.
Maybe a monthly goal....
Give up something?

Excited. 2010 was amazing, 2011 will be even better!


Scattered into a million pieces.

I am interested in:
Writing a book, poetry, a short story
Painting a picture for Hannah, maybe one for the new house?
Sewing something awesome, a doll, aprons, trying my hands at a quilt.
Making money.
Making friends.
Making a delicious meal.
Planning parties.
Cleaning out closets, knowing exactly what I own, finding out what I need.
Getting my way.
Being nice.
Finding ways to improve my health.
Finding ways to be a better mom and wife and daughter and sister and friend.
Thinking about all the ways we can decorate the new place.
Color schemes.

Sometimes my mind moves a mile a minute. I get so excited to start a new project or continue work on an old one and then life happens and I get caught up with other things.
I wish there were a few extra hours in the day, a few extra days on the weekend and a few extra minutes to throw in when I'm having a a great moment, great feeling or great thought.


Who's in?

My next possible "making of" party = personalized MUGS for xmas gifts...
(idea as seen on DesignMomDotCom)

Who want's to do this? Comment here. Email me. FACEBOOK me. Call me. Really.

More details on my facebook. If you aren't my friend already, request my friendship and I'll surely accept.

Happy holidays.

Moving on up.

Mark and I bought a house.
The process has begun at least, could not be more relieved/happier/excited/blessed/grateful.
Details and pictures and happy posts to come I'm sure.

I am sensing the closeness of xmas and I must admit I'm hurrying to finish the final things needed...................cards, caramel apples and MUGS? oh and gifts for my children :) from Santa.

Mark and I decided to make christmas simple this year, we'll see how it goes. I'm thinking it will be great.

Last night we stayed at The Little America, Mark's company party was there so we decided to make a fun night out of it. Thankfully, my sister could come over and watch our babies during the party. Ada entertained herself for a while by toilet papering the place...


Sometimes I don't want to get into my p.j.'s because I like my day's outfit so much...
Today is like that.

Just sayin :)


Keeping my fingers crossed.

Keeping a smile on my face, prayer in my heart, accepting goodness and being happy.

Good things are coming our way... Not that we've not been previously blessed :)

Here are some of the blessings I'm thankful for:

My loving husband, Mark. He's always willing to work to make things better and is a good inspiration. He never quits and has big dreams!

My daughter Ada is the biggest blessing I've ever had; she's been the greatest surprise in my life.

Hannah is the BEST baby. I can't say it enough but I hope everyone who wants/has babies gets one like Hannah.

The roof over our head.

The food in our fridge and our bellies.

Good wine.

Good books.

Good coffee.

Good friends.

Great in-laws.

Loving family.


Opportunity for growth!