Close to upset...

...approaching it but I want to put it off.

Sometimes things happen that are out of your hands and they just make you feel so FRUSTRATED. Ahh, I can feel the tears creeping up but I think I'll just get up and keep going because there is nothing else to do, except wait and pray that Mark and I will one day get there and get what we want. I know we will.

When I think back on hard times I've been through, I can see the end result is so much greater than I could've imagined at the time.

I can't complain, really, I am healthy and my daughters are great, Mark is the best too.
Right now sucks.

*Breathing* *Breathing* *Breathing*

Okay... my heart is ready to accept something good. Throw it to me Universe!



This summer was close to brilliant!

My home life was working nearly as perfect as clockwork. My schedule was in sync with Mark's and it seemed everything was falling into an organized, simple routine.
Now I feel like I'm waiting for a second of time to schedule time to schedule a routine with Mark...and blog, and sew and work out details of my plans and teach Ada everything in the world and play with Hannah, and RELAX.

Perhaps it was the change in weather. Mark and I enjoyed so many warm summer nights outside after the girls were asleep. Maybe the answer is Hot Chocolate and WARM coats, maybe throw a blanket into the mix.

Well, here is my TO DO mountain to climb:

- Figure out how many people are actually coming to my Pie Baking Weekend as opposed to how many people said they wanted to. (If you are reading this and want to come you still can. Nov. 19th, 20th or 21st, mail me, e-mail me, call me.)

- Start making Ada's Alphabet book.

- Sew a rag doll with all of the first clothes clippings I've saved from Ada's baby clothing. (Want this to be for xmas...maybe?)

- Sew aprons upon aprons.

- Smile a lot more

- Be patient with Mark, Ada, Hannah and our beautiful green-cheek conure Jake.

- Organize the iCal to a perfect date reminding, bill paying stress-decreasing program I know it can be.

- Actually write in my love blog every wednesday (iCal, need your help with this).

- Be a home owner.

- Spend dedicated time with Mark once a week, talking about where we want to go, what we want, what is good about our life together.

- Email Slug Mag's editor.

- Get family pictures printed.

- Oh yeah, caramel apples.

Today I will start by throwing away the leftovers in my fridge to make room for Food Co Op goods!

- PLUS put paper bag skirt tutorial up ASA(I have time and is)P :)


La Di Da

Counting the days until About My Life comes back to life and I get to re-read all of my journal entries from 7+ years ago.

Crossing my fingers that it's soon! :)))