Counting on this to REDEEM my guilty feelings?

1 tired momma.

2 beautiful sleeping girls.

3 attempts to put 5 month old Hannah back to sleep...

I am not one of those moms who can let their baby cry herself back to sleep. I just can't. Tops, I can go about 5 minutes and then I feel really bad about it. Nothing against the moms and dads out there who do, but isn't that why I'm a stay-at-home mom? I don't know, I'm a new mom but I'm pretty sure I'm a good one. My children are polite, intelligent and get along well with other kids. Their hair is usually combed and their noses are clean when I can help it.

4 TUMS. I have an upset stomach from Black Bean Burgers. Good at the the time...not so much now. Well, the TUMS are helping.

5 weeks absent from my LOVE blog. Oops. Why do I feel guilty about it. I'm not sure about that...