I wanna..

I wanna get skinny, I wanna be caught up on errands.
I wanna potty train ada.
I wanna eat healthier, I wanna drink only water (and coffee).
I wanna take more photos and spend more time writing.
I wanna make friends with a girl who can become my close girlfriend.
I wanna smile more and recognize all the thing I can be thankful for.

I wanna get rid of half of my wardrobe, all the things I "will wear sometime," can be given away.
I wanna plant a beautiful garden this spring and actually spend time outside enjoying it.
I wanna enjoy holding ada and hannah more before they get too big to hold.
I wanna hold mark's hand more and share more smiles and secrets.


update of updates

I've been working...

Ada started some seeds.

This time I'm not going to fry my plants in the sun.

From that to this:

From that to this:

From that to this: (my FAVORITE update)
I love the chair, it's a wooden folding chair.

The kitchen clutter is slowly being taken out... I love these measuring cups and pretty much anything I've ever bought from Anthropologie.

From that to this:

From that to this: