Spring is so close I can feel it!

Okay, I'm getting so excited for Spring-time, today I had what I think is a great idea to help me to have a good time welcoming Spring and new baby Hannah. I am planning a major make-over and re-organization extravaganza :)

I plan to begin one project each time I complete one, let's see how long this takes!
After I'm done and Hannah is born I plan to give myself a make-over (my roots are a little too long for my taste, two more months of pregnancy to go!).

So here are the 'before' pictures and my plans....

This is our "kid-free" corner but it's SO cluttered right now and it's a tight space...so it's hard to put a table in here. We'll see what I can do here, no real plans yet, it needs more thought.

The bedroom:

We just picked up the Harley Davidson-orange chair this weekend! So I need to work that into the room in a more thought out way. The dresser needs to be sanded and re-painted...all of the clutter on top needs to be re-arranged, donated and/or moved. The closet... just needs to be sorted through and re-organized! I can do this!

The living room:

I want to sand and re-paint our coffee table too. I did it last year (to grey from brown, and added the new anthropology knobs) but I want to change the top...maybe add color? The pillows need a face lift, they are just getting so saggy ;) I want to update the colors and bring everything together in the living room.

Dining room and kitchen:

Add some spice to the table... maybe a runner? maybe embellish the mats?

DECLUTTER. I want to add something to the white cannisters...labels?

Get rid of the randomness.
Organize above the laundry! This is so random.

Improve the look and placement of my computer area...I want a new chair here too.

And finally...
Plant a garden! Yay, this is the one I can't wait for :)

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