night one 10.07.09

Okay, no tv, no books, no just laying down for a second. Tonight I'm starting to blog.

*cricket chirp*

On Thursday, last week, I needed to get out of the house so I took Ada to the craft store. Of course she loved it, wouldn't hold my hand, wouldn't listen, wouldn't stop picking up everything in reach… I was so tired and feeling nauseous, I took her home and started to cry… pregnancy does such an overhaul to my emotional state.

I decided though, that instead of just crying and letting Ada play in her room for the remainder of the afternoon that I'd try to get out again and do something good for myself. So I ran. I almost did the full mile too! What a turn around, I felt much happier, had more energy and felt a lot less sick.

So I've decided that to keep my mind refreshed and keep my emotions from getting too overwhelming I'm going to run a mile on Tuesday and Thursday and try to write every night. So far so good, running is definitely giving me more energy and a much better appetite than I've had lately. And, well, blogging… I don't know yet…

I'm also fixing up a little toy car for Ada for Christmas right now. It was my older brother's toy as a child… she already loves to ride it around but it needs some TLC before it will be good to go. I'll be sure to post before and after photos when I complete the job.

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