okay, okay.

alrighty, hello.
i'm pregnant again! i'm overjoyed but feel very sick ( i did not feel sick once when pregnant with ada ).
i'm looking into some options to explore and be more creative, i'll let you, yes you, blog, how it goes.
for now, this is it. i've got to finished cleaning my car. i'm a clean FREAK with a toddler.


  1. Hey Maddie,

    Craig told us that you were pregnant again! We are so excited for you. I am so sorry you are sick. I was the same way with Jordyn. Has anyone suggested taking half of a unisom sleeping pill and a Vitamin B6 before bedtime? I did it with Jordyn and it seemed to help A LOT!! We will definitely be there for Christmas. We can't wait to see everyone. Hope all is well!

    Love you guys!

  2. Congrats you guys!!! I'm so excited. tell Mark and my favorite Ada I say hi! :)