The Aquarium.

We went to The Aquarium on Sunday. A lot of pretty fish and neat animals...

Jelly fish

More Jelly fish

Even more Jelly fish in a neat bubble tank

Look at the brine shrimp, how tiny!


One more thing...

I've been meaning to add these photos so I will do double duty today...
Ada in her blessing gown.

Ada is ready for spring!

Goodbye Lent, Hello Easter

40 days and nights ago Ada and I received our ashes on Ash Wednesday.
I gave up watching The View and All My Children (I know... a soap opera, what was I thinking?) and WOW I was so much more productive than I'd been... Today, since Lent is over, I watched them and it wasn't that great. Hah, getting addicted to TV is so weird because you really aren't missing much when you give it up.
Sunday was a beautiful day!
Easter was great. I got the Twilight DVD and the second book New Moon in my basket, plus a ton of candy. The Easter bunny always knows just what I want.
Ada was happy with her Easter presents...Happy enough to give a glimps of her tooth.AND she looked so cute in her Easter dress.

More later!