daddys girl

she looks more and more like mark every time i see her :) oh, how lucky! he he he.


catching up

time is already flying by this year...

we had a fun valentines day <3


Big Girl.

Ada is getting so big it makes me almost want to cry...almost :)
Yesterday I cut squares out of some of her first clothes for a first clothes quilt. They were SO tiny. She is six months old but wears three month old clothes still, so her first onesies were itty bitty.

I cut out a square from a little dress I bought for her when I was about five months pregnant. *tear*

I can't wait until she is a big girl and goes to school and all of that, but oh boy I already miss her first smiles and laughs and the cuddly newborn naps.


Super Bowl Sunday

:( this is the third time I've typed this out...I hope this works!
I didn't follow football this year so I don't really know what's going on this year at the Super Bowl. I do look forward to the half time show and spending time with family, which is what I like most about the Super Bowl every year anyways. That's it.